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Hydraulic breakers in a shopping center project

The old Plaza Isauro Alfaro Otero in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, is rebuilt. This is where an underground shopping centre with two car park levels and four movie rooms as well as an open-air theatre above ground will be built in appropriate attractive surroundings. Hydraulic breakers of Atlas Copco are helping the constructors Constructora Villa de Aguayo to carry out the excavation work for the project.

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Demolition job for an Atlas Copco grapple

Using a MultiGrapple model MG 2700 the Sottrum-based demolition company ATR Abbruch Transport Recycling GmbH has torn down a Federal Railways building in Bremen. In just two days some 1400 m3 of walled-in space were demolished and separated down to the top edge of the foundation.

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Pit Viper Beats the Chill

Butte in Montana was once one of America’s biggest mining regions. Named ‘the richest hill in the world’, its underground operations eventually extended to some 12,000 miles of drifts. Today it is the Continental Pit mine that dominates the landscape and two Pit Viper drill rigs that feed production.

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Subsea success for geobor core sampling

Drilling contractor Fugro Seacore has successfully completed a challenging project to extract core samples in soft rock more than 800 metres below the seabed. S Geobor, the Atlas Copco sampling system, played a keyrole in the project.

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Mexican Milestone

For Mexican mining group, Industrias Peñoles, one of the top silver producers in the world, the new year holds special significance. In 2008 the company embarks on the next phase of expansion for all of its eight mining operations.

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