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Boosting Siberian Energy

The Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbass) is well known for its huge coal resources, half of which, some 693 million tonnes, are coking coals, the main commercial fuel for smelting iron. Today, more than 100 underground coal mines and open pits are in production with 17 coal cleaning plants producing
different grades. Annual production of power station and coking coals is some 1.5 billion tonnes.

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Victory at Austerlitz

How a SmartRig ROC F9C drill rig is maximizing productivity in the Czech Republic. one of the most famous battles of the Napoleonic wars. Today, another battle is taking place there – and this time the weapon of choice is a drill rig.

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Small baby with a big performance

Acompletely new member of the Atlas Copco family of hydraulic surface drill rigs has been born. Called ROC T15, this “baby” rig drills in the hole range 22–45 mm and covers a horizontal vertically drilling coverage area of more than 18 m2, making it ideal for construction jobs, dimensional stone cutting, self-drilling anchors, bolthole drilling and boulder blasting.

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