Monthly Archives: June 2005

Easing the Makkah pilgrimage

Four new tunnels were excavated to cope with the millions of pilgrims visiting Makkah in 2005.

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High speed haulage

Minetruck MT5010 keeps Australian mine on track.

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Keeping floods at bay

One of the world’s most successful potash operations is located below premium farmland 16 km east of Esterhazy in Saskatchewan, Canada. Here, IMC Esterhazy Canada Limited Partnership operates two mines (K1 and K2) that produce a combined 4.2 million tons (3.63 million tonnes) of potash annually, making IMC a leading producer
of potash in the world.

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Victory in the Alps!

Tunnellers and miners in the Swiss Alps are reaping the benefits of modern techniques to solve their respective challenges with rock reinforcement.

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Boosting output in Bulgaria

The rapid economic development of Bulgaria has created a tremendous demand for aggregates. Three quarries in Burgas and Varno have increased and speeded up production since updating their drill rigs with modern technology.

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