Tunnelling for a better life

2009 Mar 15

Boomer XE3 C, Boomer E2 C, Boltec bolting rigs and the Unigrout mobile grouting plant ensure rapid tunnel development at the Northern link bypass, Stockholm, Sweden.

Work to develop the tunnels for a road bypass around the northern edge of Stockholm, Sweden is racing ahead.

Norwegian contractor Veidekke is using the latest Atlas Copco Boomer drill rigs and Boltec bolting rigs to rapidly drill and support the advancing tunnel. Also at work on the site are two fully automatic Unigrout mobile grouting plants, capable of injecting 10 m3 of grout per hour.

Multiple faces are being advanced simultaneously along with escape tunnels every 100-150 metres. The Boomer XE3 features the automatic rod handling system (RHS E) along with Measure While Drilling technology (MWD). Data gained from the MWD system allows adjustments to the grouting plan to be made to ensure optimum protection against water ingress.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.