The right rigs for rapid rail link

2008 Jul 22

Sweden’s Ådalsbanan railway ­that runs bet­ween the towns of Sundsvall and Langsele is more than 100 years old and now undergoing restoration. M&C visited the site to track its progress.

The Ådalsbanan railway is a link in the chain of tracks and tunnels known as Botniabanan and Ost­kustbanan that runs for 600 km along Sweden?s east coast.

The Swedish railway authority, Ban­verket, is responsible for the restoration work estimated to cost some EUR 700 million. The aim is to straighten the route?s alignment and reduce the gradients, and so far, progress has been rapid.

Eight tunnels are to be built, mostly with Atlas Copco drill rigs, and construction has already started on the three longest ? Kroksberg (4.5 km), Bjässholm (3.5 km) and Murberg (1.6 km).

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.