Symmetrix solution builds solid foundations

2008 Jul 17

When a Finnish machining company needed stable foundations for new production lines that could handle heavy, oversize components, several construction techniques were considered. The chosen solution proved fast, reliable and accurate.

Finland?s Konepaja Häkkinen Oy, Scandinavia?s largest machining company, specializes in the production of oversize and challenging components. It is also a sub-supplier to Wärtsilä Diesel, the world?s leading manufacturer of large deisel-powered generator plants and ship engines.

At its production facilities in the city of Turku on Finland?s south-west coast, Konepaja Häkkinen machines giant engine blocks for Wärtsilä Diesel. The company wanted to increase its production capacity by installing new, 57 m long moving machining lines and had exacting demands for the groundwork.

The new lines would handle diesel engine components weighing between 250 and 400 tonnes and the maximum settlement allowed for the floors was specified in microns.

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