“Supergrouter” goes to Veidekke

2008 Mar 20

Norwegian contractor Veidekke has recently taken delivery of the world’s largest standard, mobile grouting unit, bringing productivity and efficiency in grouting operations to a new level.

The Unigrout combines the most advanced technology so far in mixing, pumping and recording of grouting treatment. The unit is mainly intended for use in tunnelling, where water influx can be challenging, or where the groundwater level is not permitted to vary. The automated grouting plant produces up to 10 m3 of grout per hour ? more than any other ? and the new control system enables onsite mixing of a range of grouts to match prevailing conditions. As rock conditions alter, the mixture can be changed at the push of a button, which is a substantial time-saver in each operation. The system is fully automatic and only two operators are needed to operate the unit throughout the entire procedure from mixing, pumping and recording to distributing the grout into the holes.

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