Rollover feed creates new opportunities

2012 Jan 11

The FlexiROC T15 has just become even more flexible thanks to a new rollover boom capability that allows it to switch from downwards drilling to upwards drilling in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to this innovative design, all the operator has to do is put the rig into transport mode, remove a bolt, push the feed round 180 degrees, replace the bolt and start drilling again.

The procedure, called ?re-pinning?, takes just a couple of minutes and there?s hardly any physical effort involved. Safety is also assured by a warning light indicating when the feed is securely locked into position.It is not only useful for vertical drilling. The same re-pinning procedure can be used for eight different configurations including toe-hole drilling at various angles, upwards and downwards.

Service Engineer Erik Ahlström says: ?It really is very easy to use and makes this rig even more versatile. As a result, it opens up many new application areas for contractors such as drilling in rock support operations.? The FlexiROC T15 R with rollover feed is equipped with the COP 1028 rock drill and SR 28 rods.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.