Olympian achievement

2011 Jul 22

In a few years, a Russian resort on the Black Sea will be thrust into the international spotlight when it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics. To prepare for the big event, the town and surrounding area is undergoing a huge infrastructure upgrade.

The Russian city of Sochi has some stunning features ? a subtropical Black Sea coast, snowy Caucasus mountain peaks and forests teeming with wildlife. It is also the scene of the largest infrastructure project in Europe as it prepares to host the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics.

All the construction work is being carried out according to the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency and environmental impact. Alexei Shishov of Mostovik, a design and construction company tackling many of the Olympic projects, says: ?For me personally, as a Sochi native, preserving our unique eco system is of the utmost importance. As the head of the construction company, environmentally responsible construction is a must and it is our obligation to use ecologically efficient technologies and materials. Apart from its reliability and energy efficiency, the Atlas Copco equipment helps us minimize the negative impact on the environment as it meets the highest environmental standards.?

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.