New FlexiROC design platform is a winner

2013 Aug 08

The new FlexiROC T45, recently introduced at the Bauma trade show in Germany, is rapidly gaining recognition as a door opener for improved profitability thanks to its new energy saving design platform.

Atlas Copco?s family of FlexiROC surface drilling rigs is proving to be a winning solution thanks to the rigs? innovative design platform that produces high productivity drilling at drastically reduced running costs.

For example, the FlexiROC T45 combines all the benefits of high performance, tophammer drilling with remarkable fuel efficiency. In addition, it has increased drilling capacity compared to its predecessor, the well-known ROC F9, as well as a much improved operator?s environment including a totally new cabin layout.

How it was achieved
The FlexiROC platform was conceived by rethinking the way conventional drill rigs utilize power and energy. For example, instead of supplying full power to the onboard compressor at all times, operators can now decide for themselves exactly how much air is required for any given function and adjust it accordingly. This means the engine does not have to work so hard, which, in turn, reduces overall fuel consumption as well as emissions.

Initial field studies showed that fuel costs can be reduced by as much as 50 percent compared to similar rigs and depending on local rock conditions.  And with diesel currently representing up to one third of the cost of drilling in today?s quarries, such high fuel efficiency will have a major impact on profitability.

Overall, the new platform is characterized by a philosophy of ?less is more? with fewer components overall. The number of hydraulic hoses has been reduced by 50?%, there are 70?% fewer couplings and the size of the hydraulic tank has been reduced by 65?% providing more room in the cabin.

Fewer components enhance both serviceability and reliability and the whole electronic system can be monitored from the operator?s display.

Straighter and faster
On the folding boom version, the rig is equipped with the COP 2560 rock drill while on the fixed boom version it carries the heavier, more powerful 30Kw COP 3060. This is capable of handling a T60 drillstring and gives 20?% more drilling power. Service intervals are scheduled for every 600 impact hours.

The platform, in combination with the industry?s most advanced but easy-to-use control system, enables the FlexiROC to drill holes from 89 mm up to 140 mm, straighter and faster than any surface rig currently on the market.

FlexiROC T45 dynamic technical specification:
FlexiROC T45 field test movie:
FlexiROC T45 walkaround movie:

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

The FlexiROC in action: Low fuel consumption, improved performance and reduced running costs are just three of the benefits provided by the new design platform.