A light heavyweight

2015 Jul 22

Calculating how much rock needs excavating in preparation for a construction project is usually a fairly accurate process. But in Vega, while this process was under way, it was decided that one of the buildings would be relocated several meters from the original site, resulting in more rock than originally planned.

Kjell Jinneby estimates that this will ultimately amount to 8 000 cubic meters. Converted into kilos, it means that some 20 000 kg will have to be drilled and blasted.

?This is the biggest job I have ever undertaken, and it?s quite a lot of rock for this little rig,? says Jinneby, who has been running the family business, Kjell Jinneby Allservice AB, together with his wife Johanna, for the last 10 years.

The family mainly concentrates on trucking, digging and rock drilling, but now that they have updated their drilling fleet with a FlexiROC T15 R it will be easier to take on bigger assignments.

Three blocks of rented apartments are being built on this site, and just a little further away there will be two more. In this new suburb of Vega, located between Handen and Skogås, outside Stockholm, major construction plans are underway.

It is hoped that the area will have approximately 10 000 inhabitants. There are also plans to expand the public transport system and commuter trains will get a completely new station here.

?We are working right next to a children?s daycare center, but luckily they haven?t opened yet. Everything around here feels new and fresh?, says Kjell.

There have been no loud vibrations in the buildings nearby during drilling, despite the fact that the drill holes are 10 meters deep. On the other hand, the big differences in bench height has been a challenge. They vary between two and ten meters. The drill rig?s high flushing capacity, together with the high torque level of the rotation unit, enables these deep holes to be drilled.

?But in my view there?s no difference in drilling performance at these different heights. The holes can be drilled straight without the drill string binding,? says Kjell.

Another advantage of this rig is its rod handling system that now has a longer feed. ?Thanks to the longer feed I don?t have to spend any time mounting the drill rods,? he says.

For the past four years, he has been using the previous version, the FlexiROC T15. The reason he is regrading is that he wants the new, longer feed in order to use 12 foot rods.

?I want it to do the job and I want to avoid disturbance and stoppages. At the same time, I am increasing the value of the equipment,? he says.

To secure continuous, trouble-free operation he has also subscribed to the Atlas Copco ROC Care and COP Care service agreements.

Kjell has been working in the rock blasting industry for ?only? 10 years, as he puts it. ?I worked with transportation services and trucks for quite a long time before I glided into it through a colleague who knows what this business is all about.? he says.

In addition to his wife who assists with administration at the company, his daughter Elina, a former confectioner, has now started to lend a hand with the blasting work ? the first step towards a dynamite career, you might say.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.

FlexiROC T15 R construction drill rig with both legs stable on the ground.