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Booming in Japan

Disaster preparation is a major issue in Japan, where earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, typhoons and landslides can cause considerable problems. Construction giant Kajima Corporation is digging
5 Dec - 2019
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This is how Sweden’s oldest mine is to be automated

A better working environment, increased safety and greater productivity are three benefits that Boliden Garpenberg has gained through the help of remote-controlled drills. “Automation helps
24 Oct - 2019
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Looking for a revolution?

The Hollinger mine in Canada is where it all happens. This is an open pit gold mine located in downtown Timmins, a city with a
1 Jul - 2019
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Barrick’s Hemlo Mine goes deep with teleremote and automation -
13 Sep - 2018
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Tomorrow’s underground mines will be more remote with orebodies that
15 Dec - 2015
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