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Arto Mattila became interested in drilling contracting some 20 years
31 Jan - 2017
Comments Off on Trusted drilling contractor in Ostrobothnia
A glimpse of the first operational Atlas Copco SmartROC T45
8 Dec - 2016
Comments Off on SmartROC T45 drilling at height in Italy
Germany’s Mineral Baustoff GmbH, a member of the STRABAG SE
25 Nov - 2016
Comments Off on FlexiROC T45 proves its superiority
Significant progess has been made in recent years to improve
13 Sep - 2016
Comments Off on Fuel Efficiency – and how to get the best results in the industry
In Chile, Codelco continues to implement new initiatives in all
16 Aug - 2016
Comments Off on Safety on the benches – Radomiro Tomic mine introduces remote control
Modern surface drilling technology is driving the increasing demand for
29 Jun - 2016
Comments Off on Meeting the demand for wells
When Chile’s El Sauce copper mine launched an investigation into
28 Jun - 2016
Comments Off on Turnaround in the andes – significant increase in equipment availability
CB Destrukce of the Czech Republic is one of the
17 Jun - 2016
Comments Off on CARETAKERS of the Czech Republic
Engineers working on the new super subway now being built
14 Jun - 2016
Comments Off on Problem solvers at the Doha Metro – a surface drilling solution to an underground dilemma
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