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Electrifying mining

The electric vehicle revolution is coming to mining – cleaner machines will not only reduce the industry’s carbon footprint but will mean workers can breathe more easily.

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Banking on fresh air

With the help of Epiroc, construction company Dragados could implement a tunneling ventilation system for the Bank station reconstruction within the confines of the bustling City of London.

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“Records are meant to be broken”

Assembly engineer Jitendra Bhamare ensures that the drill rigs in Nashik, India are assembled on time. Last year, he and his team reached the highest production level ever, but he already has his mind set on going further.

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Safer together

Sustainable mining requires holistic solutions. It is not just productivity and efficiency that are vital – everything related to safety needs to be in place too. Mining & Construction Magazine visited Oyu Tolgoi mine in Mongolia to find out more about an award-winning collaboration.

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A brave new world

Very few things can bring chaos and mayhem to a country such as war. Kuwait, the small Middle East nation nestled in between Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Gulf, have seen its fair share of destruction through the years. Since the mid 90’s however, the country have been rebuilt and development of new cities is now well underway.

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 A wild card in Dovregubben’s Hall

Mobile concrete sprayer transforms tunnel construction into a smoother game for everyone, except perhaps the Norwegian Mountain King.

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The recipe for a successful partnership

There is a traditional Omani dish named Shuwa, reserved for very special occasions and festivities. Eid al-Fitr, a festival that marks the end of Ramadan, is one of those occasions. The Shuwa is usually made with a leg of lamb covered in a paste of spices, herbs and oil. Every Omani family have their own special blend but they usually include earthy flavors coming from cinnamon, coriander, cumin, chili powder mixed in syrup of dates vinegar. The meat and spices are then wrapped in banana leaves and tucked into a palm frond, forming a bundle. This bundle is then placed in a special Shuwa pit. A Shuwa pit is essentially a hole in the ground which is prepared with hot embers. The pit is then backfilled and the bundle remains on the embers for 24 hours.

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Drilling in safety

Remote-controlled drill rigs get workers out of the danger zone. When Anglo American was looking how to carry out drilling at its El Soldado mine in Chile without exposing workers to rockfalls and other risks, it found the solution in Epiroc’s BenchREMOTE, a remote operator station for surface drilling operations.

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Welcome to Epiroc, Fordia!

Epiroc had a fantastic start to 2019 with the acquisition of Fordia, a well-known Canadian manufacturer of exploration drilling tools. This serves to strengthen Epiroc?s offering and position in the exploration segment. Arunkumar Govindarajan, President Rock Drilling Tools at Epiroc, […]

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