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“I love all international contacts”

Lena Andersson likes working internationally and seeing the
clear results of her work. As Global Business Support Manager,
the whole world is her workplace, and she leads a team that plays
a key role when the Surface division does business.

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Three rock drills and doubled production

The new SpeedROC 3F rig enables both precision and efficiency with a remarkable decrease in fuel consumption. It is already in use in various quarries of Upper Bavaria and works in all weather conditions with similar high quality standards.

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Stronger together

Two young, ambitious companies joining forces at the top of Sweden.

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South Korea goes Smart

Aiming to improve operation rate and drilling quality, Hanil Cement decided on a SmartROC T35 for its quarry near Danyang. The rig has done exactly that – and fuel consumption has gone down, too.

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Predictable productivity

Smart drilling sets benchmark in safety while providing data critical to success for ARI.

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Top of the world

Earthmoving specialists Movitec are testing a PowerROC T25 DC in the most challenging conditions imaginable – building a road to the world’s highest observatory.

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Dynamic start for Diamec Smart 6 in Turkey

Smart mining technology is successively being implemented in Turkish mines with Epiroc equipment helping to lead the transition.

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Muffled rig solves sensitive problem

At St. Göran’s Hospital in Stockholm, a project requiring extensive blasting work is in progress. Moving rock close to a hospital filled with sensitive equipment, patients and staff, requires careful planning – and a drill rig with reduced noise level.

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Future. Safe.

There is usually a point in time that you can look back on and say – that was when everything changed. For safety in exploration drilling, that point in time is now and one company is leading the change in South Africa.

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