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Drilling from a distance

Office TeleREMOTE is a new product to let you remotely control surface drill rigs – from anywhere on a site. Global Product Manager Mattias Hjerpe gives a quick run-through of the main features.

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Machinery seen in action – be surprised by the wonders of change

At Volargne (VR) in the Vilca SpA quarry, recently acquired by Fassa Bortolo, we were able to see Epiroc’s SmartROC T35 drill rig at work: it is unequalled for drilling speed, hole quality, and fuel savings. Thanks to it being ‘Smart’, and thus benefits from the hyper-amortization available under the Italian Industry 4.0 plan.

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SpeedROC 2FA convinces dealers and end customers in the Jura and beyond

In the Franconian Alb, between the Bavarian cities of Nuremberg and Munich, is the largest mining area for natural stone in Germany. There, the Jura marble, also called Jura or Jurassic lime, is mined. It is a pale yellow to blue-gray limestone, which has been used for centuries for gala products as well as for the construction of historic buildings in the region. Among other things, it was involved in the construction of the Eichstätt Cathedral.

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Drilling dream team

The Webdrill and Epiroc success story is inspiring exploration efforts in Australia. Epiroc’s adept drilling machinery has enhanced Webdrill’s reputation as a leading drilling specialist.

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It´s a blast!

MAXAM drills a million meters of blast holes per year in Poland and wanted to reduce its total operating costs. The SmartROC T40 drill rig with Hole Navigation System more than fulfilled the company’s wishes.

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The blockbuster drill rig

He sets a drilling program using the remote control. The machine then takes over and takes care of the rest. For operator Per-Anders Olausson, the SpeedROC 2F drill rig means a whole new – and better – way of working.

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The surgeons of drilling

‘Surgeon’ is a name perfectly suited the two SmartROC T40 drill rigs working inside the Italcave site in Statte (Italy), in the immediate vicinity of Taranto’s famous iron and steel industrial facility. Maximum precision and operative efficiency, joined with a notable optimisation of management costs. These strengths are one of the main keys to the profitability of this important quarry.

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