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E-Force Set for Take-Off With New Boltec, Simba and Boomer Rigs

...Simba E-series can also carry Atlas Copco’s most powerful rock drills. E-force in action: Simba E7 C Big benefits for Boltec The Boltec member of the E-force family takes safety...
11 Apr - 2012

Northern star shines bright

...consisting of a generation shift towards younger operators with a flair for technology, and a major equipment upgrade by replacing the “BK” fleet with six new Simba WL6 C rigs....
20 Aug - 2013
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Automatic bit changing for Simba

...Specifically designed for the Simba ABC Total package, the system saves time and increases productivity as drilling can be done completely unmanned over a shift or overnight. The system...
6 Jun - 2006
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New Simba offers more for production drilling

...Simba S7 D is a versatile and compact rig that can be used for long hole drilling, production drilling and for cable bolt holes....
15 Nov - 2009
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Efficiency as strong as iron

...its sublevel caving needs. This includes Simba and Boomer production drilling rigs as well as a Boltec rock bolter. But it was the introduction of the Simba M4 C long...
9 Jan - 2014
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Lappberget up and running

...M6 C and Simba M7 C production drill rigs along with an Atlas Copco Cabletec LC cable bolting rig. At one of the primary stopes at the 1,060 level, drilling...
3 Dec - 2008
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Simulator training a 21st century approach

...the Atlas Copco Boomer development rig and Simba production rig. The cab layout and functionality create an extremely realistic representation of underground mining tunnels in the front and rear windscreen...
19 Jan - 2015
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FRESNILLO’S SILVER continues to shine

...the San Carlos zone, the ore produces 400–500 gm/t of silver and 0.05 gm/t of gold. For production drilling, the mine uses the Simba M4 C in-the-hole (ITH) drill rig...
7 Jan - 2013
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The zinc king of Rajasthan

...can be attributed to the productivity and efficiency of the extensive Atlas Copco fleet including drill rigs Boomer 282, Simba H1354, Boltec 235H, LHD Scooptram ST1030 as well as Minetruck...
22 May - 2015
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Little giant starts to grow

...development and production work, a new mining fleet was procured that includes 15 Atlas Copco Simba rigs, 18 Boomer face drilling rigs, eight Scooptram LHD’s and 11 Minetruck trucks....
24 Aug - 2010

Pioneering precision at Garpenberg

...Copco Simba M7 C drill rig. Trials to perfect state-of-the-art, guided long-hole drilling are currently underway at the Tyskgården orebody, with a view to employing the technique later at Lappberget....
3 Nov - 2006
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Tough Tasks in Turkey

...environments. M&C reviews their progress. Over the past 10 years, Turkey’s mineral production has increased by some 300 percent and the country’-s mining industry continues to grow. In 2011, mining...
17 Dec - 2012
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...Votorantim Metais, one of the world’s largest zinc producers, invests continuously in technology in all its business units to maintain its leadership position. These include the Vazante and Morro...
9 Sep - 2005
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Underground in Mexico the country’s largest underground zinc mine. Their operations differ in every aspect – except one. They both use state-of-the-art equipment and services from the same supplier, Atlas Copco....
11 May - 2007
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FINE BOLTING IN FINLAND with the new Boltec EC

...Outokumpu Group, Kemi’s fleet includes Boomer and Simba rigs for drilling, Boltec and Cabletec for rock bolting and Diamec for exploration – all of which have been highly praised for...
20 Dec - 2012
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Know-how at your service

...It drills in the normal way but by using our long-hole kit it can also be converted to do the same job as the Simba 157. “Another example is the...
22 Dec - 2011
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Automation at Aimex show

...a combination of the SmartROC D65 surface crawler, Pit Viper 235 and Simba L6C – all based on the new RCS 4 (Rig Control System) platform. In addition, the Pit...
19 Dec - 2011
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The Scaletec effect at Tara Mines

...the Scaletec, the Tara mine has a fleet of Atlas Copco equipment including Boomer M2C twin-boom face drilling rigs, Simba long hole production rigs, Cabletec cable bolters and MT6020 Minetruck...
8 Apr - 2013
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A new opening to save time and money

...parallel holes, or slot drilling for blasting of a raise, can be drilled with tophammer drill rigs such as a Simba. The risk of hole deviations limits the length of...
21 Aug - 2014
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...give operators a safer work environment. In Sweden, the LKAB mine operates a fleet of Simba long-hole rigs from one central control room, and there are similar systems installed in...
15 Dec - 2015
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